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First Aid training by team “RESCUE GR” 04/16/2016

The “RESCUE GR” is a voluntary rescue and humanitarian organization based in Thessaloniki, N. Greece. Together with the A.U.Th. S.E.G. Student Chapter, we co-organized a free First Aid training for outdoor accidents, for the members of the chapter. The training was conducted on Saturday 16th April 2016 at the National Stadium of Thessaloniki and the participants were trained in providing first aid in cases which may occur in the countryside as wounds, stings from insects and reptiles, stroke, bone fractures etc.

The seminar was successful. The members did practice with each other on how to tie a bandage on various parts of the body. In the end, all the information which the rescue team gave to us remained in our minds.

We would like to thank “RESCUE GR” and the “National Kaftatzoglio Stadium” for the unique experience and knowledge they gave to us!

Ourania Toumanidou

Vice-President of A.U.Th. S.E.G. Student Chapter

Figure 1 Members of the team preparing the tie of a bandage


Figure 2 A commemorative photo of the members of AUTh SEG Student Chapter and RESCUE GR team



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