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Vathi Field Trip 04/09/2016

On Saturday 9th April 2016, the members of the S.E.G. Student Chapter of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki visited the Cu-Au±U±Mo porphyry system of Vathi, in northern Greece. The Vathi porphyry belongs at the Serbo-Macedonian metallogenic belt, and extends around two hills named Ragian 1 and Ragian 2, in Kilkis province. The main host rock is of trachydacite type which was affected by a hydrothermal alteration attributed to the intrusion of a subvolcanic quartz-monzonite stock. A phreatomagmatic breccia exhibits the highest concetrations of Au, Cu, U and Mo. The ore mineralization occurs as stockworks, sheeted veins as well as pyrite D-veins. The ore mineral parageneses of the porphyry system are mainly chalcopyrite-bornite-molybdenite-magnetite and chalcopyrite-pyrite-magnetite±stibnite which are followed by vein-type pyrite-pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite and sphalerite-galena±arsenopyrite assemblages.

Leader of the field trip was Christos Stergiou, M.Sc. student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who has just completed his Master Thesis on the Vathi porphyry system which was partly funded by the S.E.G funding programs. This one-day field trip was organized by Janja Michailovich and Eftychia Petika (2015-2016 president and secretary of the chapter respectively) and supervised and co-organized by Vasilios Melfos, Assist. Professor and Academic Advisor of the A.U.Th. S.E.G. Student Chapter.

Eftychia Petika

Secretary of A.U.Th. S.E.G Student Chapter

Figure 1 The Vathi trachydacite

13711593_10209839961499434_1942066864_o (1).jpg

Figure 2 Ore vein with malachite encrustation in the porphyry, an dthe members of the AUTH SEG Student Chapter.


Figure 3 The 31 members of the chapter who participated at the field trip standing at the top of the Vathi porphyry system.



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